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Truly experience a breath of fresh air with custom-built outdoor structures by the professionals at EWBN. With over thirty years of experience, EWBN’s reputation for success, high quality craftsmanship, and trusted service has been praised throughout southeastern Pennsylvania, Baltimore, and Delaware!

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• Pavilions
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• Basement Remodeling
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Experience Indoor & Outdoor Living in One With Screened-In Porches

Enjoy outdoor living, minus the pests! Screened-in porches allow you to relax, dine, read, or even work in a comfortable environment shielded from insects, mosquitos, and other bugs.

Discover the benefits of adding a screened-in porch to your outdoor setup!

• Extended Living Space: Adding a screened-in porch effectively extends your living space. It serves as a transitional area between your indoor and outdoor areas, giving you a versatile space that can be used for various activities. It's a great place to entertain guests, have family gatherings, or simply unwind.
• Protection from the Elements: A screened-in porch offers protection from the elements like rain, wind, and excessive sun exposure. This means you can use the space even when the weather isn't ideal, creating a cozy retreat where you can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature without being directly exposed to harsh weather conditions.
• Increased Home Value: Screened-in porches are attractive features that can enhance the appeal of your home to potential buyers. They add a touch of luxury and comfort, and many homebuyers appreciate having this kind of outdoor structure.

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Recent Outdoor Structures Projects

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Set The Mood This Season With An Outdoor Pergola

Maximize your backyard shade with an outdoor pergola. Pergolas are the ultimate outdoor destination for relaxation and entertainment. We create stunning backyard pergolas and outdoor structures that can be installed on attached or detached decks, beside pools, and over patios. EWBN custom pergolas can also include an EZ Shade canopy. It is always our goal to make sure your project is completed with quality work that benefits your home and living environment.

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Exude Elegance With a Covered Porch

Oftentimes outdoor patios and porches are missing something – and that is a patio cover! Selecting the right patio or porch cover will add an elegant touch to the outdoor living space. Covered porches and patios are also more comfortable during the summer, making it up to ten degrees cooler in the covered space.

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Direct Communication & Dedicated Customer Service from the Start

There are many advantages when you work with the reliable and trusted builders at EWBN.

• EWBN has over thirty years of experience in building outdoor structures
• EWBN offers basement remodeling services
• We work with each individual client closely, considering each detail’s impact on the design and construction of the structure
• While increasing property value is a benefit for the client, our high-quality outdoor structure craftsmanship ensures longevity and durability

Question: How do you cover a pergola when it’s raining?
Answer: Adding vines over the top of a pergola is an effective and green method of adding shade to the structure. It is also aesthetically pleasing. EWBN offers custom roof installations for outdoor structures, like pergolas!