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EWBN has a high-end reputation. And that is not only because we strictly use high quality, durable materials, but also because of our experienced crew. EWBN not only specializes in outdoor living but also in basement remodeling and refinishing. Our crew has been completing basement projects since 2005. We are your experienced contractor that will be there through every step and inspection from start to finish. We work with select, high-end vendors when it comes to outfitting our customer’s basements, and based on our past basement projects, we know you will love your basement after EWBN is finished. With more than 15 years of experience in basement remodels, EWBN is your trusted contractor for all your basement needs.

Transform Your Home with a Basement Renovation Project

Often, the last space inside the home to be thought of is the basement. Basements are sometimes portrayed as dark and dingy, but at EWBN we see potential and a lot of it. If your family has outgrown your home either with family additions or accumulated personal possessions, a basement remodel can easily add the additional square footage you need. Or maybe your children are grown and you are just looking for additional entertaining space, refinishing your basement gives you the extra indoor living space for you to decide what you want in your space. If you think we have not heard a request, we have! From saunas to wet bars, to fireplaces, we can add numerous additional features to your finished basement. Take your basement beyond a plain storage area and let EWBN make it a flexible space that will be designed with what you want.

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Many are pleasantly surprised when they discover we do basement renovations, especially if they are familiar with our outdoor living projects. From drywall to additional closet space, to bathrooms, to an additional kitchen, we will take your unfinished basement and transform it into the beautiful extra square footage. For more than 15 years EWBN has been completing basement projects of various sizes. Whether you are looking for insulation and drywall to simply finish the area, EWBN can do it. If you are looking to add specific areas, like a bathroom or wet bar, EWBN can also do that! Regardless of your basement needs, EWBN is the reliable contractor you can count on.

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Since we are primarily an outdoor living company, we do limit our basement renovation projects to a specific time of the year and our available time frames fill up fast. Since the frozen ground halts most of our outdoor projects, we are committed to basement remodeling during the cold months. Our basement remodels include 3D Renderings and customized work just like our outdoor living projects. Your reliable outdoor living company is now even more reliable with our availability of completing your indoor renovations. With more than 15 years of experience in basement remodeling, we are the contractors for you. Call us today to schedule your free basement remodeling consultation.